Liam Kingman vs. Shawn Lee McPherson

Liam Kingman is the surviving member of a team of pseudonyms created in the summer of 2012

It was a summer of wordsmithing. Different genera’s being broken into different pennames. There was science fiction, there was romance, there was a short-lived western. So many different story types and a penname to rule them all. Or at least that was the original plan. In the end the only name that has not faded away was that of Liam Kingman.

Back then a different name was the standard in the industry, cross genera work was considered by some to be a deadly sin. It was potential career suicide to blend a name into two generas. That was before indie publishing changed the game over the following years.

As this happened the use of the different pennames started to slow. Stories were being consolidated, in the end, Liam Kingman was the sole surviving pseudonym.

Aren’t pennames supposed to be secret?

Sure, that is what a lot of people do and there is nothing wrong with that. I went public with my Liam Kingman persona a few years ago, but life events kept me from writing as frequently as I wanted.

I was in a place that my time was divided and I had to put other things first as they were paying the bills then. A lot has changed over the years. I’ve ghostwritten books for other authors, I’ve collaborated with authors as well. Writing with another author might possibly be my favorite way to wordsling, but it is not the only way I do it.

During the times when I wasn’t writing as much as I would like, I was storing away ideas to use when the time was right.


The time is now.

With all that is going on at Mouse Island Creatives, it would have been easy to set aside my storytelling for another year. I am blessed to be married to the most supporting artist that I know. She is a constant inspiration to me as I sit across the studio and see her drawing or painting something new almost daily. Her creativity inspires mine and her support is what has driven me to start creating again.

I’ve been writing copy frequently over the past few years, but storytelling is what I love.

My stories can be dark as my characters are often broken emotionally.

I cannot promise you that you will love my stories, or that they will be the best thing you will ever read. My promise to you is that will keep writing them so hopefully, you will find something that you enjoy.

I keep reminding myself that any given story has people who hate it. I just hope I can find enough of you that enjoy my style of writing to keep pounding away at the keyboard. (Although I do plan on dictating most of my writing, that is a blog post all by itself right there).


About Shawn McPherson

Shawn Lee McPherson is the voice behind the madness of Liam Kingman. I figured out in 3rd grade I wanted to be a storyteller, then I spent years running from it. You can’t escape what you are meant to do, or at least if you want to be happy, even if you end up failing, you need to follow your dream.

This is me following my dream.

Shawn lives with his wife, Artist Rowena McPherson, and their two boys on a homestead in Northern Maine. They plan to spend winters elsewhere very soon. Follow Liam’s creative journey with a View From the Cheapseats or follow along on our personal adventures at The Wicked Good Life… And buy Liam’s books when they go on sale.  I’d say buy the other pseudonyms books as well, but I’m not admitting to who they are.