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Liam Kingman is a pseudonym used by author/photographer Shawn Lee McPherson.

I’ve been writing under the Author Liam Kingman brand for a few years now. I was fortunate for a period of time to be apart of the now-defunct Self Publishing Round Table podcast. My creative time is split between the Mouse Island Creatives family of studios where I am a founding partner.

I am an author, a photographer, a father and loving husband to Artist Rowena McPherson. Together we work as a team doing things like word slinging, designing web stuff and print stuff, arting in every medium.

So Author Liam Kingman isn’t real?

It is a pen name, a pseudonym of author Shawn Lee McPherson. Liam Kingman is my fiction brand so he is just as real as the stories that are published in their name.

I also write copy and nonfiction under my real name, so there is that. Here is where Liam will be talking about creating some of his twisted stories. You can read about the creative process and what this author goes through making trough during the crafting of a story on my blog the View From the Cheap Seats.

Author Liam Kingman Story Studio

Shawn & Rowena McPherson run the entire Mouse Island Creatives family of products. Graphic design, Photography, Artwork, and Stories. It’s a lot to balance, but we enjoy every moment creating luxury products that people enjoy. Check out all of our professional services or our personal creative journey at The Wicked Good Life. Big things are coming in 2021 across our entire family of products. Feel free to contact us anytime as we would love to hear from you.

We thank you for following along and watching from the cheap seats and for living the Wicked Good Life.

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Stories by Mouse Island Creatives

Beyond the tales told by Liam, we have a story studio that will be launching at Mouse Island Creatives soon. It will offer print and ebook layout design services and covers as well. By the time it is live, this wont be here. Check back!