Ok, I have not been writing the posts as quickly as I had hoped, but I am here to give an update. I’ve been knocking the rust off and trying to find my way back into writing. I’m rusty. I’m honestly nervous. I’ll admit that is kind of funny for an author who has two ghostwritten novels published and a few short stories published under a couple different pen names.¬†None of those were what could be called best sellers, but that is okay.

I’ve been bogged down working on a short story that is turning into a novella. It is getting the attention it needs, but I had planned on working on other things. It is putting me behind my slightly ambitious production schedule. I’ve got 15,319 words and I’ve got about 20% left on my 2nd pass. I may not add a lot the rest of the way so I’ll guess it will be around 16,000 words when finished tomorrow.

I’ll do small updates like this as frequently as I can. Feel free to send me a message asking any questions that you have about my process. I’ll be taking my old mailing list and moving it into a new one soon so if you have not signed up previously I’ll have a new sign up spot soon. That will get you access to updates on the publications that will be coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by.