Years ago when I spent all of my free time writing I wrote over 100 short stories. I never planned on publishing them back then, but I did enjoy the style. I grew up in Maine and like a good maniac I grew up reading Stephen King. While I liked his novels, his short stories were what warped my mind or at least started me down the path until I discovered Chuck Palahniuk. I devoured his short stories and read them repeatedly. They were like episodes of the Twilight Zone that I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch.

Since that childhood reading King under the covers while listening to the Twilight Zone I have called my short stories False Awakenings. I’m sure it had to do with the over-tired nights reading, watching, and soon after writing. To this day my best work is done at night. I can write any time of the day, but night time is my quiet time where the rest of the house is silent and my mind starts to shut down. It is in those moments where I slip into the zone and the words flow. I am working on is The Gatekeeper. I started writing that story back in my senior year of high school which was 1996. I got half way done and burned it. A few of you may remember those nights on poetry bridge, doing long poetic free verse stories, those got burned as well… mostly. I picked the broken fragments of a story up again in 2012 and again got half way done before my hard-drive decided to become a coaster.

The next Awakening I am working on is called Scarecrow. It’s kind of a cheat if I am being honest. I started it 5 years ago, but never finished it. It’s been in the trunk since then. I will start the road to completion on that tale in two days from now. By the time you read this it will hopefully be done. If it isn’t it will go the way of so many other things I have written… to the flames.

I always have at least two stories going on since I get bored very easily when it comes to writing. I have writers ADD as in I have anti-writers block. The same day I start back in on Scarecrow I will also start in on The Gatekeeper.

I’ll have more info on both soon and if you want to follow along from start to publication check out the View from the Cheap Seats.