Liam Kingmans Backyard

Are you sure you want to play?

Liam Kingman is a pseudonym used by author/photographer Shawn Lee McPherson.

Over at Mouse Island Creatives, we work as a team comprised of an author and an artist doing things like word slinging, designing web stuff and print stuff, arting in every medium, giving advice about graphic design and creating things that people want so we can live the life we want. Over there, and please do check it out it pays our bills, that is just what we do.

That is our business side, but we also have The Wicked Good Life where we talk about the lives we live.

Here is where Liam talks about creating some of his twisted stories. He has published under other names and done podcasts under this name, but he still is reluctant to launch this brand. Or has been until now.

Big things are coming in 2018, thank you for following along and watching from the cheap seats.

Future Stuff
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